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Author Doaa Tolis is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and a Board Certified Pediatric Specialist who, though busy in her field, found herself on tour, tracing the journey of Human Development. The journey begins at the time Humans tried to recall memory but nothing came to mind, then travels through the passage of Time to the present day. Being an immigrant who had moved from Egypt to the United States nearly twenty years ago, a non-native speaker of the English language and an amateur writer who had abandoned the hobby of writing after graduating high-school writing was no easy task. Yet, Tolis decided it was time to document the search and resolved to string these words together to inform of the findings of the tour. In clever, sometimes humorous ways, Tolis weaves a story that enlightens even as she entertains.

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Paradise: Papyrus of Solamon

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Paradise: Papyrus of Solamon


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In Paradise Papyrus of Solamon, author Doaa E. Tolis presents a tour through history focused on a “Land of Paradise” that turns out to be Egypt. Using the Quran, the Bible, and other sources, ancient and modern, she rewrites the last 6,000 years of history.
Tolis’s narrative uses the framework of an actual tour, complete with tour guide. Focusing on events in the Mediterranean world, she presents an alternate world history centering on biblical, ancient history and mythological figures, including Noah, Hesiod, Solon, Moses, and, the hero of the story, Solomon (spelled “Solamon” throughout). King Solomon, per Tolis, presided over a golden age of wisdom, morality and science that remains unsurpassed.

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